It's time to have a house built especially for you. With Wiggins Construction Company of North Florida, Inc., you no longer have to adapt to someone else's ideas or style. We the create designs and build home features that meet your requirements for beauty and comfort.


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Wiggins Construction Company – North Florida Homebuilders you can trust. Any job that’s worth doing is worth doing well. That’s an old saying, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. One thing Wiggins Construction Company would like to add is that a job worth doing also requires a plan. We feel that building your dream home is definitely worth doing, and that’s why we’re going to use this space to discuss designing a floor plan to get it done.

As <strong>North Florida homebuilders</strong>, we’ve helped many clients bring their dream homes to reality, and we’ve always benefited from a detailed and comprehensive plan. We know the value of having a guideline to follow and can’t imagine serving our customers without one.

Working with your home builder makes sure that everyone is on the same page, literally and figuratively. A floor plan is a scaled diagram of a structure, as viewed from above. It may show the entire building or one specific room. They are created to scale and show architectural features, room layouts, and wiring, for example.

Homebuilders can’t put together your house without an accurate plan. It’s best to put a lot of thought into yours so you will benefit from considerations such as optimized spacing, traffic flow, and room placement in your new house. A plan you create with the builder will meet all of your needs and wishes and give you the precise home you’ve always desired. View our profile and more on North Florida Builders Association.

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