It's time to have a house built especially for you. With Wiggins Construction Company of North Florida, Inc., you no longer have to adapt to someone else's ideas or style. We the create designs and build home features that meet your requirements for beauty and comfort.


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Wiggins Construction Selected Clay County Builder of the Year — Again

Not all home builders are created equal. Some are so amazing that they have been awarded the builder of the year status – and not just once but for four years in a row. Meet Wiggins Construction, a top-of-the-line home builder based in Green Cove Springs in Clay County, Fla., known as “the builder of choice in several Jacksonville communities.” Whether you want to build one room or home from the ground up Wiggins Construction is at the ready.

Our second-generation home construction company can build a beautiful custom home on your lot if you have one in the area, or expand the home you already have, or renovate it.

Not just any homebuilder, Wiggins Construction has been in business for more than two decades and builds extraordinary residential and commercial properties throughout the region. Since 2017 Wiggins Construction has been selected Clay County Builder of the Year and there is no denying why.

“We strive to provide every client with a quality result to their project at a reasonable price,” according to the company website.

Build It

From new home builds to single-room additions, new garages, and more, Wiggins Construction delivers the results you expect from start to finish. 

For example, if you’ve spent time hunting for a new home for you and your family but haven’t been able to find one that meets your standards, or you’re tired of spending days with a real estate agent only to come up disappointed, maybe it’s time for a new plan.

We encourage you to reach out to Wiggins Construction in Green Cove Springs, Fla., to design a custom-built home that you can be proud of.

If you need three rooms or eight, or if you want a tile roof instead of shingles, it’s your choice and your home. And so, it should be.

The Wiggins Construction team is standing by and ready to help with every detail from roof to floor including the design and build. All we need is your ideas, your vision and we’re ready to begin the process to make it a reality.

More Specialties

Wiggins also has other specialties to assist in your building needs. 

For instance, is your mother-in-law moving in, and do you need a room for her in the next six months? Perhaps your eldest son is returning from college and wants his own space? Maybe you’ve purchased another car and need a detached garage to keep it secure and safe. Whatever it is, Wiggins Construction can help as it specializes in new room additions, expansions, and detached garages.

In addition to custom homes, garages, and expansions, the firm also builds commercial complexes and office buildings to rival any in the area to make you proud of where you work.

Another area Wiggins Construction excels is in renovations and remodels like kitchens and bathrooms for the latest and greatest looks.

Wiggins’s contractors can perform cabinet upgrades in your bathroom that may be outdated as well as remove walls if you want a bigger media room or prefer the flow of your home to be more open. 

It’s easy to see why Wiggin’s Construction has been named the builder of the year four years in a row as it continues to supersede any of its competition.

Don’t wait for the call on Wiggins today our entire team of contractors, designers, and office team are ready to bring your ideas and vision to fruition whether it is a bathroom remodel in Green Cove Springs or new construction from the ground up in Jacksonville, Fla.

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